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  • Authorization to Release Information:

    I the applicant, give full authorization for an investigative report whereby third parties may be contacted to report on my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living including salary-income, consumer credit, court and criminal history and banking-financial practices. I have the right to make a written request for disclosure of the nature, results and scope of this investigation. I may not however receive or view my consumer credit file. I agree to hold N2K Reporting harmless for any claims that may arise as a result of this investigation. I further authorize Banks, Financial Institutions, Landlords, Civil and Criminal Courts, Motor Vehicles Bureaus, Business Associates, Credit Bureaus, Attorneys, Accountants and other persons or institutions with whom I am acquainted to furnish any and all information regarding me. I agree to pay a termination fee of $250 for expenses due to lease assignments if backing out after getting approved. This authorization also applies to any update reports, which may be ordered as needed. I am willing that a photocopy or fax of this authorization be accepted with the same authority as this original.
  • Signature

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